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Living in the USA 2000 to 2010

100 Million Households in Revolutionary Times

A Guided Tour of the Decade Ahead

conducted by

David Pearce Snyder

Consulting Futurist



Seven years of rising prosperity have fueled record sales of new and existing housing plus surging consumer investments in residential improvements and second homes. How long is this economic good news likely to last? And, if it does continue, how are a generation of newly-prosperous Americans likely to spend their increased discretionary income in an era of accelerating technical and social innovation? Futurist David Pearce Snyder will take us on a tour of the first decade of the 21st Century and show us a world in which a growing middle class is already returning to central cities and revitalizing rural hamlets, where one-quarter of all shopping and one-third of all employment will be done at home, but where a growing share of domestic services, including cleaning, cooking, and maintenance will be outsourced, and where we will "chat" with our computers and interact with our self-explaining appliances as if they were articulate assistants rather than dumb servants.


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