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Info-Mating Public Service

For the 21st Century

A Strategic Scenario

presented by

David Pearce Snyder

Consulting Futurist


While computers have been entering the United States’ marketplace for more than a third of a century, our levels of productivity-improvement remained largely stagnant until the past five years. Information technology (IT) has finally become so powerful and cheap that cashless commerce, ticketless travel, paperless processes, and campusless colleges are rapidly becoming practical working realities. At the same time, our experience-based understanding of how to use IT effectively is leading to the widespread re-invention of both public and private enterprise. In this presentation, futurist David Pearce Snyder will describe the newly emerging model of horizontal, virtually-integrated enterprise that has already begun to replace the classic hierarchical, vertically-integrated model of industrial enterprise in both the private and public sectors, creating "distributed" organizations in which a growing percentage of all workers – from the rank-and-file to the executive suite – will be provided with decision-critical information, and enabled to act upon it.


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