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American Agriculture


the Information Revolution

A Strategic Vision

presented by

David Pearce Snyder

Consulting Futurist



During the 1990s, America passed through the mid-point of a half-century-long transformation from labor-intensive to information-intensive production, during the first half of which, U.S. productivity growth and prosperity declined. Now that information technology has become mature, it has begun to generate broad increases in productivity and prosperity at all levels of the economy, and in less than 10 years, Americans will be more financially secure than at any previous time in history. But, to successfully make this shift, we will have to completely re-design our education system, substantially up-skill most of our workforce, and radically re-organize our major public and private institutions. Much of this transformational activity is already under way in many sectors of our economy, and in most large organizations.

The farms and families, enterprises and communities of rural America will be no less challenged by this technologic restructuring than the citizens and institutions of our cities and suburbs. Futurist David Pearce Snyder will describe the economic and demographic trends and developments that are already revitalizing much of rural America, and review the dramatic innovations in info-com technology that promise to restore the farm to a central role in our common national enterprise.





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