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Accounting for Revolutionary Times

Performance and Prosperity in an Info-mated World


Strategic Insights for Accounting Firms


presented by


David Pearce Snyder

Consulting Futurist



After more than two decades of slowing economic growth, falling real wages, growing public and private debt and a shrinking social safety net, the U.S. has finally entered the constructive stage of the Information Revolution, with rising productivity permitting full employment and wage increases for all classes of workers without inflation. Electronic information technology (IT) has now become so powerful, and our capacity to use IT has become so proficient that cashless commerce, ticketless travel, paperless processes, campusless colleges, and other paradigmatic innovations are becoming commonplace. Moreover, through ubiquitous, conversational expert systems and computer simulations, employees will be able to quickly master new skills; and businesses will be able to engage clients and consumers in an ongoing dialogue, permitting them to design products and services that will directly respond to individual customer needs and desires.


Futurist David Pearce Snyder will conduct a guided tour of the decade ahead, describing in detail the avalanche of info-com innovations that will revolutionize all private and public enterprise, dramatically altering the products and practices of accountancy, while transforming both where and how people live and work around the world.

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